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City of West Frankfort Surplus Items and Real Estate
Franklin County Surplus Items

Saturday November 4, 2023 at 10:00AM

West Frankfort Business Incubator   Ken Gray Blvd.
 (North of Weeks Chevrolet) 

West Frankfort, Illinois

Comments-Direction: Go west over I-57 and turn right on Ken Gray Blvd. to location. Watch for auction sign. All items are being sold “As Is”  See web site for photos

Trucks-Cars-Road-Roadgrater Camper Old..County..Court..House Pews Benches-Old Baseball Cards Real Estate Property of West Frankfort to be at 12 Noon:

All parcels of surplus real estate are being sold “AS-IS” with no warranties or representations being made. The City of West Frankfort reserves the right to reject any and all bids on Real Estate. The acceptance of any and all bids to be at the next City of West Frankfort Council meeting.     
 Surplus Items of West Frankfort and Franklin County:     

Vehicles and Equipment 2003 Chevrolet Impala, VIN# 2G1WF55K939218585, 2006 Gulfstream Cavalier/Trailer, VIN# 1NL1GTR2961050138, 2010 Dodge Charger, VIN# 2B3AA4CTXAH305132, Miscellaneous Tools, 1988 Chevrolet Dump Truck Vin 1GBL7D1B8JV116278, 1995 Ford Dump Truck Vin# 1FDNF70J65VA19367, 1995 International Dump Truck Vin #1HTSDAAN85H636363, 1996 Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper Serial P19155, 1982 Ford F700 Jet Truck Vin #1FDNK74N5CVA50927, 1982 Ford F700 Jet Truck Vin #1FDNK74N5CVA50927, Chevy S-10 Ext cab, Tanker Truck 2000 Gallon Stainless Steel, 1984 Pierce 500 gal rescue pumper Vin#1FDXD80UXEVA11274, 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Vin# 2FAFP71W21X188840, 2006 Ford Econoline Van Vin# 1FMRE11W66HA36122, 2004 Chevrolet Impala Vin# 2G1WF55K749229117, 2004 Chevrolet Impala Vin# 2G1WF55K449232539, Road Grater, Seaman Travel Mixer, Backhoe high lift bucket, Smarty FAST Floor Sweeper Scrubber, Convertamatic Trac 280B Floor Scrubber BufferW/ Charger, Cub Cadet Zero Turn Recon Mower, Tiller Grinder,…Salt..Spreader..Attachments. EMS Equipment Stair Chair, Manual Gurney,  Aluminum Backboards (2), Exercise Equipment Leg Curl Machine, Leg Extension Machine, Incline Squat Machine, Bench Press Bench, Dumb Bell Rack, Free Weight Tripod Rack, Free Weight Bars, Decline Bench Press, Regular Bench, Cooking Equipment Propane Steam Serving Table, Propane Steam Serving Table, Hot Dog Cooker Electric, 15-20 Stainless Steel Cooking Pans, 15-20 Stainless Steel Cooking Lids, 3-5 Gallons Liquid Coolers, 3 Big Serving Trays, 75 Small Plastic Serving Trays, Stainless Steel Strainer, Small Bowl. Fire Equipment Tools and Appliances 12- MSA SCBA Masks, Stokes Basket, Car Jack, 11-MSA SCBA Packs, 6- 5” Hard Suction, 3-Strainers, 12- MSA SCBA Bottles, 2’ Pike Pole, 3- 4’ Pike Poles, 5-6’ Pike Poles, 10’ Pike Pole, 2-12” Pike Poles, 8’ Pike Pole, 6’ Floor Scraper, 2-Air Hole Rollers Honda Sewage Pump, Metal Gas Can 2 Gallons, 5” Intake, 4-Metal Pry Bars, 2-Large Hose Clamps, Siamese “Y”, Hand Circular Saw, Electric Chain Saw, Box of Chains, 2-Homade Vehicle Stabilizers, Air Chisel Supplies, Tool Box & Tools, Inflatable Boat, Heavy Duty Come Along, 2-24’ Alum Ext. Ladders, Electric Reciprocating Saw, Makita K-12 Saw with Blades, 16’ Alum Roofer Ladder, High Expansion Foam Generator, 16’Wood Roofer Ladder, 3-Way 3” Intake with 3-3” Discharge and 6” Adapter, 2-Manual Hydraulic Hand Pumps with Spreaders, 2-1 Master Stream Deck Gun

 Other Surplus Items    Old Franklin County Court House benches and pews, Liquor Barrel Sign, Movie Posters several totes, 14- Christmas Small Candy Cane Lights, 2- Large Christmas Candy Cane Lights, 19-Christmas Stocking, 3- Candy Cane Frames, Craftsman Tools, Whiskey Barrels, Brand New Regular 1995 Gas Station Pump, Miscellaneous Furniture: Tables, Chairs, Dishes, Household Decorations, Mirrors, Signs, Home Décor, Metal Knight, Commercial Bunn Coffee Pots, Miscellaneous Bicycles, Restaurant Style Indoor Trash Can, Display Cases, Antique Weigh Scale, Office Desks, Copier, Fax Machines, 3 Concrete Picnic Tables/Benches, 4 concrete benches, 24 each 55 Gallon Drums of Misc Oil Citgo Brand New SAE30, SAE40, SAE80, SAE90 Gear oil, Cutting Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Transmission Fluid, 5 Gallon Buckets of Grease,  4-5 Pallets of Misc New Baldwin Oil And Air Filters, (2) 55 Gallon Drum Dollies.

Surplus Real Estate (16 Parcels to be Offered)

*1204 East Clark 12-19-476-002              *Palmer Street 11-24-134-009
*306 N. Taft 11-24-255-005                   *706 N. Illinois Ave 11-24-127-003         
*308 N. Taft 11-24-255-004                   *314 N. Horn 11-24-256-0
*102 W. 9th 11-24-228-005                    *407 N. Horn 11-24-251-010                   *411N.Horn11-24-251-008           *1907E.Garland12-20-379-006         
*401N.Horn11-24-251-013                      *303E.4th12-19-153-009
*507 W. 7th 11-13-456-008                     *306 E. 4th 12-19-156-003            
*609-613 W. 7th 11-13-383-006 (3 lots)

All items are being sold “AS-IS” with no warranties or representations being made. The City of West Frankfort reserves the right to reject any and all bids on Real Estate. The acceptance of any and all bids to be at the next City of West Frankfort Council meeting.  Terms and Auctioneer Note: Successful buyer of Real Estate will be required to make a $100 per parcel down payment on real estate. Cash or good check w/ID for real estate and surplus items. Any and all desired inspections to be done prior to auction date. Announcements made at auction take precedence over printed material. Not responsible for errors, omissions, accidents or illness due to Covid-19.

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