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IL Lic. 441000891

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Saturday October 5, 2019

at 10:00AM

4-Wheelers-Truck-Shop Equip-Restaurant Equip-Trailers-Shop Items


Highway 149 Next to Interstate     West Frankfort, Illinois

    Direction: On the west edge of West Frankfort next to Interstate. (watch for signs).

4-Wheelers-Trailers-Truck: (2) Utility trailers,

Restaurant Equipment-Furniture: 2-Door upright refrigerator unit, 2-Door reach-in cooler (counter height), 2-Door wall freezer unit, Top-load freezer unit, 2-Door reach-in stack cooler, 9 pc. Corian table tops, 3-compartment stainless sink, 10+ Play Room seats, Very nice dining table with 8 chairs.

Shop Equipment-Seeder-Tools-Shop Items-Other Equipment: 10-Row seed planter (like new), 4’X8’ band saw and frame table, 40+ Pieces 1”X1” aluminum square tubing, Pipe threader, Shop cabinets, (3) Mic welders, Several spools welding wire, 6’ Box blade with teeth, Several Motors, (2) yard rollers, Shop carts, Pallet lifts, Weber BBQ grill, Lots of various piping, Yard aerator, Lots and Lots of scrap metal, Several tool items, Lots and Lots of bolts/screws/nuts, Air compressor (like new), Sludge pump (like new), Shop vacs, Wood extension ladder, Tank cart, Chain hoist, Radius pipe bender, Floor safes, Iron worker machine, Commercial sewing machines, Shop fans, JD Tractor 3-pt quick disconnect, Chop saw, Saw, Shop table, Awning material, Floor jacks, Lots of self-starting screws, Tap-cons, Large wrenches, brass gromets, Wood block planes, Tools-Tools-Tools, and many-many other items that will be selling.

Terms and Auctioneer Note: This auction has many shop items and good working restaurant equipment. Any and all desired equipment inspections to be done prior to auction date. Personal property paid by cash or good check. Announcements made at auction take precedence over printed material. Not responsible for errors, omissions or accidents.

Please see web sites for photos and information or call auctioneer.